Elder Law

Compassionate Elder Law Attorneys

We want our elderly loved ones to be tenderly looked after and safe. This is our goal when we choose a nursing home, care facility or in-home care provider. We trust that our loved one will be in good hands and not mistreated. In fact, this is what we agreed to and what we are paying for. Sadly the elderly, because they are physically and mentally vulnerable, become targets for abuse, neglect and swindle.

If your loved one shows signs of abuse or neglect, died under unclear or suspicious circumstances while at a care facility, or has been sold unnecessary services and financial plans, call The Law Offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C. We have helped numerous families determine who is responsible, negligent or culpable, and have successfully pursued just compensation. While it does not undo the wrong or the harm suffered, the legal pursuit of these claims does put it to a stop to any abuse or neglect and ensures no one else suffers the same fate.

Putting An End To Elder Abuse

When we suspect abuse, we often do not know what to do or whom to turn to. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., have decades of experience investigating nursing home abuse and neglect. We understand the legal procedures necessary to find who is at fault and to bring the negligent or culpable parties to justice and end any abusive, negligent unethical or unseemly behavior.

Understanding Elder Financial Abuse

Financial abuse happens when a salesperson for a company knowingly sells your loved one policy, plans or services that your loved one does not need and cannot benefit from. For example, if an insurance company sales representative sells an 85-year-old person a policy that matures in 25 years, this is fraud. Sales representatives who prey upon the elderly need to be stopped and brought to justice. The companies they work for need to be held accountable. The experienced elder law attorneys at The Law Offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., will pursue these companies, seek full compensation and bring these companies to justice.

Know The Signs Of Elder Abuse And Neglect

Our most vulnerable elderly loved ones, those with dementia or disabilities are at the highest risk. If you notice that your loved one shows warning signs of abuse, take immediate action. Call an experienced attorney who will take immediate steps to investigate, assess the situation and put an end to any maltreatment. The elder law attorneys at The Law Offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., have decades of experience in elder care law and injury, and can help.

Signs that your loved one is not being cared for include:

  • Physical injuries
  • Hours of being left alone
  • Call button not being answered
  • Emotional changes such as fearfulness and crying
  • Bedsores and bruises
  • Medication overdose
  • Slips and falls that cause broken bones or head trauma
  • Dehydration or malnourishment
  • Poor hygiene
  • Soiled and unwashed bedding and clothing
  • Complaints of poor treatment

If an elderly loved one has suffered abuse, neglect, wrongful death or been financially taken advantage of, call our San Antonio, Laredo or Las Cruces office today. The Law Offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., can help. Call us today at or fill out our form here and an attorney will respond to you promptly.