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How do you prove fault in a slip-and-fall accident?

When we run errands, it is usually a quick trip. We do not always have the luxury of perusing the aisles and taking our time when it comes to picking out what we need. When we go grocery shopping, we likely have a list and a timeframe to get our shopping done in. We are on a mission; however, that mission could be disrupted if the owner of the store has not properly kept the store free from dangers. A spilt item or debris on the floor could cause a perfectly safe floor to become very dangerous. A slip-and-fall accident could suddenly occur, causing a patron to suffer greatly.

Helping you take action following a slip-and-fall accident

On a weekly basis, we likely travel to different destination. Whether that means going to work, school, grocery store, department stores, government buildings or private dwellings, we enter the properties of others quite frequently. Upon entering these buildings or homes, we often do not think about the potential dangers we could face. We are often under the impression that property owners have taken the time to ensure safety of the premises and have removed dangers or warned visitors of them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. This is when slip-and-fall accidents occur. Beyond that, falling debris or even a dangerous animal on site could also harm visitors. Thus, when a negligent property owner is at fault for an injury causing accident, it is important for victims to understand their rights.

Status of victim may influence outcome of premises liability case

A premises liability accident can happen practically anywhere. A Texas resident may slip and fall on a wet floor at the grocery store, may trip on an unattached rug at a friend's house, or may suffer an injury when an article falls on them at a concert or sporting event. However they happen, injuries from premises liability accidents can be painful, expensive and, at times, life-threatening. However, depending upon whether the victim had permission to be in the location of the accident, they may not be able to recover their losses.

Shopping injuries and a retailer's liability for losses

After filling themselves with good food and good times with friends and family, some Texans may have chosen to partake in a post-Thanksgiving tradition: Black Friday shopping. Retailers throughout the nation opened their doors in the late hours of Thanksgiving Thursday or the early hours of the following Friday to offer shoppers deals on goods for the holiday season. While most shoppers escaped their retail adventures unscathed, some undoubtedly suffered injuries in the crush of holiday commerce.

Falls are a common premises liability injury

Trips, slips and falls can happen practically anywhere. In some cases, it may be the fault of a distracted Texan who steps on their own feet and causes their own quick trip to the floor. In many cases, though, it is the fault of others who fail to maintain their premises in safe order that causes innocent individuals to suffer serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries as a result of their falls. The remainder of this post will introduce some of the ways that dangerous premises can present hazards to individuals and how falls may result from peoples' encounters with those dangers.

Dog bites and owner negligence under premises liability law

Pets are a huge part of Texans' lives and, in many households, dogs are considered members of the family. Animals can enrich people's lives, offer love and support to those who live with them and even security for their owners, as they are generally loyal companions. However, pets are usually considered the property of their owners and, as such, when those pets cause harm, their owners can be held liable for the losses created by their animal friends.

Lack of repair may lead to dangerous premises liability accidents

It can be hard to take care of a house. Busy San Antonio residents may spend their work weeks toiling away at their jobs only to come home on the weekends and be met with chores, yardwork and household repairs. It can be very tempting to let some of those home projects go, but as buildings and structures fall into disrepair they may present dangers to those who visit them.

Know your rights when hazardous conditions cause injuries

Every day San Antonio residents trust that the places they go will be safe and will not present them with serious threats to their health and safety. From the parking lots where they leave their cars to the stores and restaurants where they buy food and goods, individuals encounter a variety of physical spaces that must be maintained by individuals other than themselves.

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