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Pedestrian seriously injured in hit-and-run crash

Whether it is to get to work, school, the store or an appointment, traveling by personal motor vehicle is very common in Texas and other states across the nation. While drivers of all ages and driving abilities fill the road, the underlying fact is that all drivers should follow the rules of the road. Unfortunately, some drivers get distracted by a phone, decide to speed because they are late or get behind the wheel intoxicated because they think they are fine. When a negligent driver gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, this could cause a serious and even fatal crash.

Understanding parking lot accidents

Motorists in Texas and elsewhere utilize parking lots frequently. Whether they are going to the store, school, work or any other destination, parking lots are very convenient when it comes to traveling from place to place. While parking lots are useful and beneficial, there are some negatives associated with them. Many vehicles travel in and out of parking lots, making them a rather busy location. And if a driver is not paying attention or are traveling too fast, these could result in a serious automobile collision.

One dead, 4 injured in San Antonio crash

The negligence of a motorist is often the cause of a car accident. However, recklessness can also be the cause. When a driver disregards the safety of others or intentionally behave in a risky manner, this could be considered reckless. When these behaviors result in a serious automobile collision, this could result in that driver not only being held accountable for the crash but also facing criminal repercussions.

What types of injuries could be suffered in a car crash?

Getting around by motor vehicle is fairly common. In fact, if a person does not travel by their own personal vehicle, he or she is likely getting to and from a destination in some form of motor vehicle. Because of this, the roadways Texas and other states across the nation are frequently flooded with vehicles of all sizes. While this may mean good things for tourism and commerce, it also means more risks and dangers that could result in a car crash.

Speed a factor in deadly head-on vehicle accident

Four people had to be cut out of their vehicles when a speeding driver collided head-on with another vehicle that contained three people. The damaging accident occurred in the early hours of the morning in San Antonio, near Roosevelt Avenue and East Southcross Road. The driver of the speeding vehicle lost his life and the other victims of the crash were taken to a local hospital.

We are here to help after a devastating car accident

The Law Offices of Christ Pettit & Associates hope that their clients have had a safe and peaceful holiday season with their loved ones. However, we know that not everyone is fortunate enough to end the year without suffering serious injuries at the hands of negligent individuals. Through 2017, too many Texas residents have suffered injuries and deaths due to the dangerous driving of other motorists.

How common are drunk driving car accidents?

Drunk driving is a serious problem in every state of the country. It is a particularly bad problem in Texas, where more than 13,000 people perished in alcohol-related vehicle accidents between 2003 and 2012. The Centers for Disease Control have published disturbing facts about drinking and driving in the Lonestar state and this post will offer some of the data propounded by their research.

Compensation after car accidents can get victims' back on track

In the aftermath of a vehicle collision, a Texas victim may find that many people want to help and support them as they begin the long road to recovery. They may be inundated with friends bringing them meals, family members visiting them in the hospital and at home, and co-workers supporting them as they prioritize recuperation over professional responsibilities. As the days and weeks following their accident pass, though, a victim may find that they have less and less help as more and more financial pressure builds.

Deadly head-on crash kills two in Texas

Car accidents are common on Texas roads but, fortunately, not all automobile incidents involve injuries and deaths. Many collisions between cars, trucks and other personal vehicles simply involve the exchanging of the drivers' insurance and contact information and calls for tow trucks if the vehicles are unable to operate. Though it is not uncommon for individuals to walk away from auto accidents without suffering significant physical harm, serious accidents do still occur and put people's lives at risk.

What types of injuries are common in car accidents?

A number of factors will determine what type of injury a car accident victim suffers as well as the severity of the injuries that they sustain. San Antonio residents who are involved in vehicle collisions are strongly encouraged to seek medical help after their incidents to determine the type and extent of their unique injuries. Their injuries may be compensable if liability for the accident falls on other parties involved in the crashes.

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