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Could a vehicle defect have caused my truck accident?

Vehicles are complex machines that must perform a variety of functions in order to keep their passengers safe and carry them to their destinations. Many Texas residents own personal vehicles that they must maintain to ensure that the cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles are in their best working order. Large vehicles like semis and 18-wheelers also must be maintained so that they may perform safely; when big rigs and other large commercial vehicles experience mechanical problems, the results can be deadly for their drivers and other motorists who must share the roads with them.

Trucks can contain defective parts from when they were manufactured or they may receive defective parts during regular and special servicing sessions. Defects may cause a truck's steering controls to seize up and its driver to lose control of the rig. Problems with a truck's electrical system may cause the vehicle to lose internal communications with its various systems and cause the truck driver to operate the rig based on bad information. A truck's brakes may fail and cause a truck driver to collide with vehicles in front of the rig, causing injuries and possible death for those involved in the crash.

There are numerous scenarios that may play out if a truck contains bad parts and causes a dangerous truck accident. The presence of defective parts in a truck may open a victim's window of possible defendants to the manufacturer of the truck, the manufacturer of the defective parts, or the installer of the defective parts and anyone else who may have been in the chain of placing the dangerous auto parts in the rig.

Truck accidents are often caused by distracted driving and other truck driver mistakes. However, defective parts can be the cause of truck accidents on Texas roads. To better understand the laws surrounding a truck accident or collision, readers may wish to talk to personal injury attorneys who represent victims of truck crashes.

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