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What is the purpose of a wrongful death claim?

Usually when a person dies due to the actions or inactions of another a person may immediately think that the responsible party will be charged with a crime. This is because many San Antonio residents are familiar with the criminal laws on homicide and assault that directly deal with the physical harm a victim can sustain during an attacks or altercation. However, in some cases people die during accidents or other potentially non-criminal events and their family members are left reeling with emotional and financial stresses. When a person dies at the hand of another person, regardless of the matter was criminal in nature, their surviving relatives can often pursue wrongful death litigation for the recovery of their losses.

A wrongful death action is civil in nature and takes place in a court system separate and away from any criminal trials that may arise from the underlying events that led to the victim's death. It may be initiated by different members of a victim's family, often including the victim's spouse, parents, or children. A personal representative helps the family manage the litigation through its trial.

The purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to prevent the family members of an accident victim from having to pay for the numerous losses that may be incurred in the wake of the fatal incident. That responsibility should fall on the party or parties that caused the death through wrongful death litigation victims' family members can work to become financially whole.

There is no way to bring a person back after a tragic fatal accident and the parties responsible for the death may face criminal sanctions for their roles in the tragedy. However, the loved ones of a victim may be able to overcome the financial burdens of their loss by holding the responsible parties accountable for the roles they played in causing the victim's death.

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