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Wrongful death action following a fatal boating accident

During the warm months, going out on the water is typical. This is fairly commonplace year round for those living in Texas and other southern states. No matter the time of year or reason for boating, there are always safety activities with this. Whether it is because someone is being reckless by speeding, traveling too close to other boats or weaving and winding around the water or negligent by being intoxicated, when a boating accident happens, it is possible to hold the liable party accountable for the harms caused by the incident.

Based on data from 2015 collected by the U.S. Coast Guard, 4,158 boat accidents occurred that year. These accidents involved 626 deaths and 2,613 injuries. When looking at the causes of these crashes, it was found that the main causes included operator inattention, operator inexperience, improper lookout, excessive speed and intoxication.

One dead, 4 injured in San Antonio crash

The negligence of a motorist is often the cause of a car accident. However, recklessness can also be the cause. When a driver disregards the safety of others or intentionally behave in a risky manner, this could be considered reckless. When these behaviors result in a serious automobile collision, this could result in that driver not only being held accountable for the crash but also facing criminal repercussions.

According to recent reports, a tragic accident occurred in San Antonio, resulting in one death and four injured victims. Based on preliminary reports, this multi-vehicle accident occurred when a Chevrolet Tahoe lost control and skidded into oncoming traffic on Eckert Road. This resulted in the Tahoe colliding with a Dodge Charger.

How do you prove fault in a slip-and-fall accident?

When we run errands, it is usually a quick trip. We do not always have the luxury of perusing the aisles and taking our time when it comes to picking out what we need. When we go grocery shopping, we likely have a list and a timeframe to get our shopping done in. We are on a mission; however, that mission could be disrupted if the owner of the store has not properly kept the store free from dangers. A spilt item or debris on the floor could cause a perfectly safe floor to become very dangerous. A slip-and-fall accident could suddenly occur, causing a patron to suffer greatly.

When a person falls, he or she often thinks it is because they were not paying attention or that they are naturally clumsy. While that could rightfully be the case for some, this does not explain why a person fell when there is a notable hazard on the floor.

Filing a wrongful death action following a fatal accident

The loss of a loved one is a challenging event to deal with. Whether they were young or old, losing a family member suddenly because of an accident is almost impossible to cope with. The negligence of another person could be the cause of an accident, and now the surviving family members are left to pick up the pieces.

Although the emotions are strong and it is difficult to get through the day-to-day activities, taking action following a fatal accident is important. Becoming informed of your rights and options is the best way to fully understand what happened and what recourses you are entitled to. At the Law offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., our attorneys are dedicated to helping individuals in the San Antonio area navigate the wrongful death process.

What types of injuries could be suffered in a car crash?

Getting around by motor vehicle is fairly common. In fact, if a person does not travel by their own personal vehicle, he or she is likely getting to and from a destination in some form of motor vehicle. Because of this, the roadways Texas and other states across the nation are frequently flooded with vehicles of all sizes. While this may mean good things for tourism and commerce, it also means more risks and dangers that could result in a car crash.

An automobile collision can be a tragic event. Victims involved could suffer tremendously from a wide range of injuries. Depending on where a victim was seated, where the impact of the crash was and if a victim was wearing a seat belt, he or she could suffer numerous injuries.

Taking action following a truck crash

Sometimes accidents just happen. Much like their name entails, they are not predetermined or known incidents. They suddenly occur when we least expect it, and in some cases, causes significant harm and damages. Although individuals in Texas and elsewhere seek to evade such terrible incidents, the unfortunate truth is that negligent drivers could be on the road at any time. Take for example truck drivers. These drivers tend to put a lot of miles on the roadways. Additionally, they have the tendency to travel long distances and during the late night hours. This can pose some risks, especially if they are violating federal trucking regulations.

A truck accident is unlike any automobile collision, as it is a massive vehicle that tends to crate much havoc in its path. The weight and size of a commercial truck can cause even a minor crash to turn into a large accident site with much damage and injuries. At the Law offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., our legal team is dedicated to helping victims of truck accidents understand their rights and options following a truck crash.

Helping you take action following a slip-and-fall accident

On a weekly basis, we likely travel to different destination. Whether that means going to work, school, grocery store, department stores, government buildings or private dwellings, we enter the properties of others quite frequently. Upon entering these buildings or homes, we often do not think about the potential dangers we could face. We are often under the impression that property owners have taken the time to ensure safety of the premises and have removed dangers or warned visitors of them. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. This is when slip-and-fall accidents occur. Beyond that, falling debris or even a dangerous animal on site could also harm visitors. Thus, when a negligent property owner is at fault for an injury causing accident, it is important for victims to understand their rights.

At the Law Offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., our skilled legal team has years of experience handling premises liability actions. We understand that the injuries that could result from these matters can be catastrophic, making it difficult to return to his or her normal life. Although a slip-and-fall might seem like a minor incident, the reality is that much of the body could be harmed in this type of fall accident. The head, neck, back, limbs and internal organ are at risk for injury.

Guiding you through a wrongful death action

One cannot imagine the pain of a lost loved one until it happens. Death is something challenging to cope with, but it is a part of life that everyone must accept and deal with at some point. However, some deaths occur because of negligence and recklessness. This can make an already hard situation more challenging, as they have many questions regarding what happened and why it happened. Nonetheless, loved ones should not that they have legal resources available to them when a negligent party suddenly took a family member's life from them.

Much like the aftermath of an accident can be confusing and overwhelming for accident victims, it is the same case for the loved ones of deceased victims. In fact, the emotions caused by a tragic loss can be more immense, making it harder to move forward and think about what rights one might have. A the Law Offices of Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., our San Antonio attorneys understand how sensitive these matters can be. We also understand how important it is to take timely action. One does not want the opportunity to hold a negligent party accountable.

Truck accidents and vicarious liability

A semi-truck can cause devastation when it is involved in an accident. The sheer size of these massive vehicles can leave cars and trucks totally destroyed and victims left with significant injuries. A family's finances can also be rocked in the aftermath of truck accidents, as medical expenses and lost wages can quickly add up.

Although these victims are free to pursue compensation for their damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent trucker who caused them harm, the sad reality of the matter is that many of these truckers lack the financial resources to truly compensate the full extent of the harm suffered. Therefore, it is often wise for these victims to also file a vicarious liability lawsuit against a negligent trucker's employer.

Signs of nursing home abuse and neglect

Many Texans trust nursing homes to care for their loved ones. Once a nursing home is thoroughly vetted and a family decides to place an elderly loved one there, a sense of relief may descend. However, nursing homes carry a heavy responsibility, one that must be lived up to on a constant basis. When nursing homes and their employees fail to adhere to the applicable standard of care, even for a brief moment, serious harm and death can befall unsuspecting residents.

There are signs and symptoms of nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse. To start, elderly individuals who seem confused, disoriented, or overly tired may be subjected to improper administration of medication. The dosage may be wrong, or they may be receiving the wrong medication. Second, those individuals who develop irritated or broken down skin in the diaper area may be neglected to the point that they are sitting in their own waste. Third, unexplained bruising, cuts, and broken bones may be signs that a resident is either being negligently handled or abused.

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