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Doctors are here to help. They have taken an oath, and have put in years of schooling and residencies. Most doctors are sincere and honest and are doing the very best job they can to help us. Sometimes even doctors can make a mistake. Medical malpractice is not about seeking out every small mistake a doctor has made. Rather, medical malpractice is pursued when a doctor has made a terrible error in judgment, usually again and again.

The attorneys at Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., are not anti-doctor. In fact, some of our attorneys worked in the medical field before pursuing their law careers. Our attorneys are about ensuring that doctors are doing their job to the best of their abilities and training. We are dedicated to holding those doctors and hospitals who are not doing an acceptable job and are causing harm accountable.

Understanding Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can take on many forms. Generally malpractice means a member of the medical staff or hospital:

  • Failed to diagnose your medical condition
  • Failed to provide appropriate treatment for your medical condition
  • Deviated from standard practice
  • Was unsanitary
  • Did not act quickly when your condition required immediate action or intervention

The doctor, professionals treating you and the hospital itself can all be held accountable. Local, state, and federal agencies that operate hospital facilities can also be held accountable if staffs are not following best practices. Mislabeled drugs, fatal medication error, amputations and brain injuries and trauma are all injuries that may be due to medical malpractice.

When You Or A Loved One Is Seriously Injured

When you or someone you love is injured due a doctor's mistake or a hospital error, it can be confusing and emotional. The attorneys at Chris Pettit & Associates, P.C., understand what you are going through. We will look deep into the situation and discover the truth of what happened, your doctor's history, and if there were avoidable mistakes or alternatives available that should have been chosen. We can also help families who lost a loved one and suffered a wrongful death due to a doctor's or hospital's error.

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